GrandRally Social Media Messages – Day of the Rally


  • #KinshipFamilies #GrandFamilies keep children with family. Good for children, good for America. #GrandRally2017 May 10th
  • Relative caregivers help children thrive. Celebrate them and show your support #GrandRally2017
  • When children can’t live with parents, relatives provide a safe, loving home. #GrandRally2017
  • #GrandFamilies #KinshipFamilies protect children. Strengthen and protect federal support for children and families.  #GrandRally2017
  • You can age out of foster care, but you never age out of family. Celebrate #KinshipFamilies #GrandFamilies at #GrandRally2017
  • Help children in #GrandFamilies #Kinship Families. Protect Medicaid. #GrandRally2017
  • Join the Virtual Grandrally at #Grandrally2017
  • Couldn’t make it to DC for #GrandRally2017? Join the virtual Rally at
  • Couldn’t make it to DC for #GrandRally2017? Raise your voice from home.


  • For every child living with relatives in #fostercare, 20 children are raised by relatives outside of foster care. Do something grand, support grandparents and other relative caregivers at #GrandRally2017! If you have or are being raised by a grandparent or relative, join the virtual GrandRally. Visit
  • Raise your voice for grandfamilies with your members of Congress. Join the Virtual #Grandrally 2017 at
  • You can age out of foster care; but you never age out of family. Support grandfamilies. Join the Virtual GrandRally at Raise your voice for children raised by relatives, and celebrate their successes!
  • #DYK Grandfamilies save taxpayers $4 billion a year by supporting children and keeping them out of #fostercare. They protect children and provide a safe, loving and permanent family. Join us in support and celebration of these grandfamilies at the Virtual  #GrandRally2017 on May 10th. You won’t want to miss the stories, the music and the celebration. The GrandRally is livestreamed  from 1 – 2:30 PM. Then call your members of Congress. Learn more at
  • Can’t make it to DC for the 5th National GrandRally? Join the virtual GrandRally. Watch it live at and raise your voice from home.