T-Shirt Competition


We have the winners! Organizers of the 5th National GrandRally are delighted to announce the top 3 winners of this national t-shirt competition:

“My Family” by Jenna

In second place:

“Healing Hearts” by Michael

In third place:

“Grandma Grandpa” by Ayzha


1st place winner, Jenna Braae, will receive a cash prize and her design will be featured on the official GrandRally 2017 t-shirt.

Jenna shared:

When I heard that my picture was going to be on the T-shirt for the Grand Rally, I was thrilled. Getting my brother literally off the street and telling about that when I was 8 then having my drawing win with me now being 14 is an amazing accomplishment for me.

Though it means a lot to me that people voted for my drawing without knowing the actual story behind my drawing, what means more is the amount of emotion in that drawing and the actual story.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive cash prizes.

Honorable mentions:


For more information, contact Yvonne Thompson-Friend, national coordinator, at Grandrally2017.yvonne@gmail.com or via phone 215-844-4744.