Please donate today to help us bring more than 1,000 grandfamilies to Washington, D.C. to raise their voices!

Across the country, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles have stepped in to raise children whose parents cannot care for them.  These families are planning trips by bus, train, planes and car to the 5th National GrandRally to raise their voices and connect with other families like theirs.  Many of them live on fixed incomes and need your help to pay for the cost of traveling to this important event.

Here’s how you can help:

Your contribution of $36 will reserve a seat on a charter bus for a relative caregiver.

“The GrandRally puts a face to the emotional, social, financial and legal issues that kinship caregivers struggle with. Standing together, united with other caregivers, provides me hope that our concerns will be heard.”
– Susan, raising her grandchild

Donate $80 to pay for a grandfamily carload from a nearby state to attend the rally.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that most people go to grandma’s house and get spoiled, but for me, it was the only safe place I had. I never liked going back to my parents’ house. Getting to live with grandma was like ‘going to grandma’s house’ all the time. I had more love there than anywhere else in my life.”
– Chad, raised by his grandmother

Contribute $115 to cover the cost of a round trip train ticket for a caregiver on the East Coast.

“We have friends who are retired, who are always telling me about their next cruise to Hawaii. I tell them I go on cruises every day. I cruise to school, I cruise to the doctor’s office, I cruise to the skateboarding park. Joey is my ‘cruise to Hawaii’ and you know what, I wouldn’t trade my cruise for theirs.”
-Adrian, raising her grandson

A donation of $350 would allow a caregiver from more distant states to fly to the rally.

“I thought I was alone…first I found other grandfamilies in Minnesota, then I found more in other states through an email group. Next came the first GrandRally and I could put faces to the names. I met relative caregivers, but I also met the people from the organizations that continue to support us…I am no longer alone.”
– Sharon, raising her grandchildren

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